Tuesday, April 11, 2006



Tom Lorenzo:
Born a Pieces, February 29th to be exact (I know, we're all famous for something..), I grew up in the suburbs of Connecticut. Smack-dab in the middle of the empire that Steinbrenner built and the Jonny Pesky's pole, I grew up a Mets fan. Born between "Coffin Corner" (Giant's Stadium) and Billy Sullivan's Patriots, I grew up a Chicago Bears fan. Deciding my NBA fate was much easier (Gorwing up in the 'Jordan Era' there was no question as to who's jersey to don). But, sad to say, I follow Team Titanic (New York Knickerbockers) and thier quest to become the anti-Yankees (highest payroll, lowest effort). Obviously, growing up in CT, you learn to hate the Huskies as you learn to love the sport, so I bleed the same 'Orange' blood as "Pearl" Washington, DC, Ronny Seikaly, and Larry Moten, to name a few.

Tom, is it true? I'm afraid so. One of my three favorite days of the year is when all the ".net(ers)" gather at the famed Madison Square Garden to see where everyone's favorite Foreign "Up-sider" with "enourmous wingspan" will get drafted in the NBA. That's right, I know more about the NBA draft than I'd like to admit. My favorite past-time consists of receiving text messages with a current NBAer's name and having to respond with their former collegiate institution and, if you're lucky, the year and position they were drafted.

In the larger scale I am first and foremost a sports fan. I hope to write fun, inciteful, witty, and brash posts about topics in the world of sports. I also will write a weekly feature about a player who is still involved in their respective sport that I, for the most part, just can't believe they are still gainfully employed. I hope you enjoy what Ben and I create here on this space and we welcome any feedback or comments you may have. Thanks, and Enjoy!


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