Thursday, July 20, 2006


Famous Duos (Part 1):

With the breaking news that country stars Brooks and Dunn are now playing minor league baseball (more info?), we at High and Inside decided to take a look at other " Famous Duos" who have left their mark on the sports wolrd.

We'll start off easy here:

Brooks and Dunn
Derrick Brooks and Warrick Dunn were teamates on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for two seasons (2000 and 2001). Warrick Dunn left the Bucs in 2002 to be the featured back for the Atlanta Falcons. That same year the Falcons drafted Michigan State running back T.J. Duckett in the first round in hopes that he'd become their running back of the future. In 2003, Derrick Brooks led the Dunn-less Buccaneers to the Super Bowl, where they embarrassed the Oakland Raiders. Ain't life grand?

Hall and Oates
Jonny Oates and Dick Hall both played for the Baltimore Orioles in 1970. Dick had a nice season coming out of the bullpen with a 10-5 record and posting a 3.08 era. Young rookie Johnny Oates played in 5 games and had only 18 ABs. However, he did manage to drive in 2 runs. Johnny Oates later went on to manage the Orioles and Texas Rangers. It's all right here in this pretty little book...

Gilbert and Sullivan
New York Ranger's Rod Gilbert and George "Red" Sullivan were both teammates on the 1960-61 team. Sullivan, known for being a "standout penalty killer with a stellar poke check," played in one game with Rod Gilbert, the 8 time all-star. Interestingly enough they both wore the number 7, making them two of only five men in Ranger's history to wear number seven, before it was enshrined in the rafters at the Garden for Rod. Later they would go to write a series of 14 comic operas..... bastards!

Johnson and Johnson
Yeah, that one is too easy. I mean, Charles Johnson, himself, played with three Johnson's throughout his career. So, we'll leave you with that one to come up with on your own.

To conclude part one of this series, we leave you with one of our all-time favorite duos (they can't even fit on one page together!).

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