Thursday, May 11, 2006


Congratulations, Mr. Nash!

Sure, I'll be the first to admit that I was adamantly opposed to giving Steve Nash back-to-back MVP awards in the only league where the MVP matters.

Yes, he is one of the Ten Greatest PG's of all-time (just ask the fellas over at And it's hard to deny that he did have a fantastic year, making the players around him much better. BUT, this year a case can absolutly be made about the vote being a bit generous for the 6'2" Canadian PG with the handsome coiffure.

I've already made my case for Kobe24 as the MVP, and I don't want to get started on my LeBron, D-Wade, Chauncey, and Dirk campaigns.... because I will! OK, maybe later.

Two-time MVP - Looks really good on a resume. Of course the well known facts that only 11 players in NBA history have won multiple MVP's and only 9 of those have won back-to-back (including Nash). So, he's in great company, so to speak. But, what does this mean for Nash? Is he now spoken in the same breath as Jordan, Bird, Magic, Russell, Wilt, etc.? OR is he even mentioned in the same breath as Stockton, Kobe, Duncan, AI, Barkley, Frazier, Cousy, Lebron, etc. What tier Nash will be placed upon can be debated for hours, or minutes, or not at all (especially if he never wins a ring), but, the true testament to a "ballers" ability is his endorsement deals. And to my knowledge, the only thing donning Nash's face is the obligatory Wheaties box.

So, what can we do for Stevie Nash? Here now are a few suggestions for possible endorsement deals for Nash:

Prudential Insurance Co.: The reason why I would run this one past Stevie is because of their ever popular slogan; "Get a piece of the Rock." Perfect! Simple enough. He's the league leader in assists and to hear him everytime he throws up to Marion or makes a nice cut bounce pass to Diaw down low he could just yell, "Get a piece of the Rock...(insert name here)!" What a great advertising scheme that would be.

Colgate Whitening Toothpaste: I know what you're thinking, "Tom, is this necessary?" Of course it is! Look at those "pearlies!" I can picture it now.... Steve is standing in front of the mirror, smiling to at himself and then he says, "Yeah, what? I brush. And when I do I reach for Colgate Whitening Toothpaste. It's cool and refreshing and a whole lot better than anything you got. Right, Dirk?" ... And this is where I see it climaxing.... With Dirk sitting on the ground beside him with his tumbs proudly displayed and in a Gheorghe Muresan type of voice he exclaims, "Right little buddy!" And with that I think I just turned Steve Nash into Billy Crystal. Oh well, Billy had a nice career, right?

L'Oreal Hair Products: Perfect for the old, "Look at Nash's wild hair" kind of people out there, or even better for the slogan fanatics and Mark Cuban haters alike. L'Oreal's slogan reads, "It's because I'm worth it!" Think about the campaign. You have Nash holding his two MVP trophies, he then rubs his fingers through his hair and looks into the camera and smiles. Then we show a montage of clips from Mark Cuban blowing up on the sideline of a Maverick's game and then pan back to Nash and he smirks, "It's because I'm worth it." Then we play some Sade or something for the smooth affect, showing Nash's suave side. I think it's a winner!

So, you see, I am obviously in the wrong profession. I could have Steve Nash's face posted all over this great big world of advertising. He's a two time MVP people! He deserves at least a little face time, right?
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