Thursday, June 01, 2006


Kids want to know: "Where do MLB prospects come from?"

Yes, it's that time of the year again. The ever hidden and "for broadband users only" Major League Baseball amateur draft is upon us. One long and grueling week and counting. Hey, remember last years draft when Seattle totally lost it and took USC catcher Jeff Clement over UVA 3rd baseman Ryan Zimmerman? Mike Pelfry slipping all the way to #9? Craig Hansen falling to #26? Worth Lumry going in the 46th round to Seattle? And T.J. Large falling to Boston at pick #1390!? Yeah, that was the 2005 MLB draft. And if you missed those great moments, well, you're not alone and you'll probably miss this years draft unless you tune into to watch bright eyed Casey Stern and Allan Simpson read off the names of draft prospects as fast as they come in over your wi-fi connection. That's right, Internet only!'s "most comprehensive draft coverage anywhere" is slated to run June 6th to the 7th with 50 rounds worth of picks.

So, why can't the MLB draft get any air play on television? Why couldn't Jim Callis handsome up and get us through at least the first 4 rounds live on ESPN? It seems like the their is enough buzz about the MLB draft to get at least an hour of airtime. Sure I don't know who all but a handful of these players are, but isn't it ESPN's job to inform its viewers and keep fans up to date the future of our International League teams or who Scott Boras is dangling over Royals to get on the 40 man roster? I've read up on Andrew Miller, the lanky lefty from North Carolina, and Tim Lincecum, the righty from U. of Washington, but who else is there? Who are these "young stud" high school ballplayers who have "tremendous velocity" and can "rake?" Of course the great Baseball America can lead us in the right direction, but 50 rounds worth of drirection? Ugh!

The main reason why they don't televise the draft is because most fans have no idea who these players are. As we shouldn't. Vince Young, Rudy Gay, Reggie Bush, Tyrus Thomas, and even Lebron James were all nationally televised athletes. We know who we're getting, for the most part. College baseball doesn't even get air time on ESPN until the College World Series masterminds reveal their 'brackets.' So do we really want to see our team draft high school prep star Jordan Walden at the end of the first round? Talk to me in three years and maybe I'll give him a read as I try to fill a slot in my Rotisserie league. But, until then all I care about are where Jeffrey Maier (of Yankees v. Baltimore fame), Danny Almonte (little league liar), Doug Drabek's son, and Don Mattingly's son get picked in the draft. Send that information to my Moblie ESPN!

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