Friday, June 23, 2006


Although We Go....To the End of the Road....

Hoop heads are looking forward to the great debate/fashion show known as the 2006 NBA Draft. However, there is one person who will be sorely missed as of July 1st, 2006 (and no, we're not talking Greg Oden or any Florida Gator). The 2nd round, or "lightning round", will be the last hurray for fan favorite, Deputy Commisioner Russ Granik. An "Instant Smile" moment is when Russ walks onto the stage and up to the podium to announce the beginning of the 2nd round.
(Other Instant Smile moments: Mike Weiss singing "Captain Jack," Pedro carrying Nelson"the midget" around the locker room, D-Wade sizing up JJ Reddick next year, the Dirk and Nash photo, and more so, this Dirk and Nash photo).

In typical Granik fashion (since all I know is Russ between the 31st and 60th pick), the 2nd round should start with the 2nd biggest applause of the night, with the 1st going to Knicks for trading up to the lottery only to draft combo guard Shannon Brown (mark it down right now). Oh, and fans will be applauding because famed Mr. Orange is going lead fellow Knickerbocker fans, Stephon Marbury, Stu Scott, and Shannon Brown himself in a "Duck Folan" chant. I think we're all on board, players, homies, and all.

But, not to be lost in the evening is Russ Granik and his sad departure from the second round and one of the few "instant smile" moments we have left in the Association. So let's give Russ one hell of a send off and think about what a shame it is that Mustafa Shakur, Darryl Watkins, Ekene Ibekwe, and other future 2nd rounders will never know the sweet sound of their name being declared in your Granik-like resonance.

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