Thursday, August 31, 2006


You know what's cool about us?

So, we know nothing about the WNBA or the Finals that are apparently taking place at The Palace of Auburn Hills. Here is what we do know: There are TEN "Cool Things" about the WNBA Finals. That's right! Thanks to the people at, we are actin' like we know.

Here are a few of the "cool" things we are now aware of:

1) WNBA fans are funny as all H-E-double Kara Wolters shoe size!

Now, we have no idea who this Katie girl is and whether or not her "Boo" gets her that ring, but that spaceship with the basketball on the grill is pretty funny. insists that this is the "most clever" sign in the building. From our sources there was a sign that read "Take me Drunk, I'm at the WNBA Finals!" Go figure...

2) "I'll fight a bitch for this thing!"
It seems to us that there are more important things worth fighting for, ladies. The WNBA insists on referring to the trophy as "bling." Really. Read the article (or take our word for it) and you will notice that the key to every "tatted" gals heart is bling. They are also trying to push "pimp juice," the slam "crunk" contest, and "Juwanna man? You go someplace else!"

3) They actually think this guy is what is cool about the WNBA.

So this guy, Frisco Del Rosario (photo not doctored in no way shape or form. Seriously...), was one of two people to attend both the WNBA Finals and the NWBL Finals. Yes, he is a fan of multiple women's basketball leagues.

Now, apparently he paints his face purple in support of the Sacramento Monarchs and actually offers up a game plan for the Monarchs. The game plan sounds really bizarre coming from a man with a purple face: "They have three or four bodies to throw at Ford..." And he has three more in his basement if needed. So, he's dedicated!

His favorite player is Ticha Penichiero because she is simply "delicious."

4) White people with devil eyes!

Ol' blue eyes ain't got nothing on the Sinclair family who are Pistons and Shock fans. One great perk about the game, as noted, is that "Rick Mahorn will come over and tease the kids." What I wouldn't give to be there and hear what Rick Mahorn has to say to these kids. "Hey kids, how many of your heads do you think I can fit in my ass?" Answer: the entire Sinclair family!

5) If you aren't entertained, you can Bang your favorite player!

Enjoy the leather sofas, but wear a rubber, dudes!

So, if you aren't convinced that the WNBA is "cool," then you're obviously not paying attention.

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